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Bulk RNA-Sequencing

Workshop on Bulk RNA Sequencing Analysis

Basics to Next Generation sequencing and data analysis

The workshop for doctoral students, designed and offered by CUBIDA at the Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, addressed the current challenge of generating RNA sequencing data. Nowadays, such data is produced in such abundance and with such ease that it becomes increasingly important for scientists to analyze it themselves.

The workshop spanned two days and provided participants with fundamental knowledge and methods of bulk RNA sequencing. Participants had the opportunity to learn a specific pipeline that enabled them to independently process, analyze, and interpret sequencing data.

The workshop's focus was to impart practical skills and understanding to doctoral students in conducting analyses based on RNA sequencing data. They were guided through the steps of data processing and encouraged to independently carry out the analysis and interpret the results.

By actively participating in the workshop, doctoral students had the opportunity to enhance their competencies in genomic data analysis and strengthen their ability to independently conduct sequencing analyses. The workshop offered a valuable opportunity to translate theoretical knowledge into practice and prepare participants for the requirements and possibilities of current research.