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Lecture recordings

15 minutes about Brain Organoids and the Law

Hannes Wolff Research assistant at the University of Passau  is destined to lead to a number of groundbreaking discoveries. At the same time, we must not lose sight of the legal and ethical questions associated with cerebral organoids. Hannes will point out the issues and try to offer first clues at how they could be solved


15 minutes about Brain Immune System

Johanna Kaindl PhD student in Neuroscience Did you know that our brain has its own immune system that protects it from damage? Changes in these immune cells can often lead to severe neurological diseases. But how can we study the brain immune cells in our labs? Let's make some brain organoids and find out!


15 minutes about Single-Cell Genomics

Dr. Maren Büttner Postdoctoral Researcher, Technical University of Munich You are what you eat. Sort of. The gut takes up nutrients from our food and forms an effective barrier against poisons and bacteria. Let us dive deep down into a high-performance organ and explore its cells, thousands of them one by one, using machine learning.


Prof. Dr. Beate Winner: Lecture at the HSP Info Day 2020 in Bavaria

Prof. Dr. Winner: Winner specifically addresses the research at the HSP. She shows what kind of work she does in her laboratory with HSP nerve cells, which she has obtained from skin cells and the pluripotent stem cells derived from them. She shows this with the HSP gene SPG11 as an example and then in her lecture goes into great detail on such work on the HSP gene SPG4.