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Lecture recordings

Stem Cell Biology for Dummies

Prof. Dr. Claudia Günther

Claudia heads the Department of Mucosal Infection Biology (Mukosale Infektionsbiologie am Uniklinikum Erlangen)  and serves as the scientific director of the new consortium, GB.Com. She firmly believes that the gut plays a crucial role in good health. Using intestinal organoids generated in her lab, she enables the investigation of various diseases and explores the interaction between the brain and the gut. In her presentation, she elucidates what stem cells are, where we find them, and how we can even generate them in the lab - a pure primer on stem cell basics.

Excerpt from the public event 'UniStemDay23 with ForInter & GB.Com' on March 10, 2023.


Gut Charm - Now in the Test Tube

Sofia Leistl

Sofia demonstrates in her presentation how stem cells are used to create miniature intestines in the lab. You will discover how they function and what they are capable of. An exciting journey through the world of miniature intestines!

Excerpt from the public event 'UniStemDay23 with ForInter & GB.Com' on March 10, 2023.



Everyday Madness in the Stem Cell Lab

Laura Krumm

Working in cell culture is an exciting and rewarding challenge, yet it also has its pitfalls. Laura explains the daily routines and procedures necessary to keep cells alive and ready for research. She also delves into the challenges that arise when cells don't grow as expected or undergo changes, and how she manages these situations.

Excerpt from the public event 'UniStemDay23 with ForInter & GB.Com' on March 10, 2023.



Patentability of Brain Organoids

Carla Löwenstein

Carla addresses the intriguing question in her presentation: Should brain organoids be considered as actual 'brains in the lab'? Do they have the ability to think, feel, or even experience nightmares? Carla explains how she oversees the research and closely observes our mini organs in the lab.

Excerpt from the public event 'UniStemDay23 with ForInter & GB.Com' on March 10, 2023.



Pathways into Stem Cell Biology

Klara Metzner

Klara provides insights into the work of our scientists through interviews. She illustrates the various paths students and researchers have taken to study and work in the field of stem cell research.

Excerpt from the public event 'UniStemDay23 with ForInter & GB.Com' on March 10, 2023.



Between Laboratory and Clinic - Organoids in Medical Research

Lisa-Maria Edrich & Adrian Sebald

Lisa-Maria and Adrian are filming a movie, taking you on the usual journey from the clinic to the laboratory. Witness patients presenting at the hospital, the collection of suitable materials for researching the condition, and the exploration of 2D models and 3D organoids in the lab. It’s an inside look at both the workings of a clinic and a research department.

Excerpt from the public event 'UniStemDay23 with ForInter & GB.Com' on March 10, 2023




15 minutes about Brain Organoids and the Law

Hannes Wolff Research assistant at the University of Passau  is destined to lead to a number of groundbreaking discoveries. At the same time, we must not lose sight of the legal and ethical questions associated with cerebral organoids. Hannes will point out the issues and try to offer first clues at how they could be solved


15 minutes about Brain Immune System

Johanna Kaindl PhD student in Neuroscience Did you know that our brain has its own immune system that protects it from damage? Changes in these immune cells can often lead to severe neurological diseases. But how can we study the brain immune cells in our labs? Let's make some brain organoids and find out!


15 minutes about Single-Cell Genomics

Dr. Maren Büttner Postdoctoral Researcher, Technical University of Munich You are what you eat. Sort of. The gut takes up nutrients from our food and forms an effective barrier against poisons and bacteria. Let us dive deep down into a high-performance organ and explore its cells, thousands of them one by one, using machine learning.


Prof. Dr. Beate Winner: Lecture at the HSP Info Day 2020 in Bavaria

Prof. Dr. Winner: Winner specifically addresses the research at the HSP. She shows what kind of work she does in her laboratory with HSP nerve cells, which she has obtained from skin cells and the pluripotent stem cells derived from them. She shows this with the HSP gene SPG11 as an example and then in her lecture goes into great detail on such work on the HSP gene SPG4.