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UniStemDay 2021

UniStemDay 2021

Great interest in ForInter's offer at UniStem Day 2021

More than 60 students switched live from their classrooms to UniStem Day 2021 and ForInter's virtual offer: Lectures on stem cells, information on the so-called mini brains, the brain organoids and live links to a stem cell laboratory in Regensburg. The participants could ask questions and get information from professors, scientists and students.

Topics covered were: "What are stem cells?", "How do mini-brains develop in the laboratory?", "Can we heal diseases with brain organoids?", "Are organoids living beings?" and "With organoids we can fight the corona pandemic!".

Also present were: Dr. Johanna Kaindl, Nicole Flegen, Dr. Florian Krach, Hannes Wolff, Dr. Benjamin Lohrer, Tom Börstler, Prof. Wegner, Prof. Karow, Dr. Falk, Prof. Riemenschneider, Prof. Dederer and Prof. Beate Winner.