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Let´s talk about Science

Let´s talk about Science

Cooperation with 15x4 Munich

Source: 15x4 Munich

Research with organoids, especially brain organoids, and with technologies such as genome editing has raised new questions about the limitations and possibilities of research. ForInter would like to provide an insight into these technologies and actively contribute to a dialogue between science and society. With this in mind, ForInter, in cooperation with the "15x4 Munich" association, organized a public event on February 20th, 2020 in Munich.



Four scientists from the fields of stem cell biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics as well as ethics and law were present as speakers, each of whom was allowed to speak for 15 minutes in front of over 200 interested laypeople. They provided insights into the technical aspects of stem cell research and single cell sequencing with regard to neurodegenerative diseases, presented immunoreactive processes in the brain and informed about the ethical and legal issues in scientific research on organoids.